Biyernes, Setyembre 6, 2013

Kami na Matakaw - Team BonChon o BoChon

Yey! as promised to my friend, we went to BonChon :) Linkbuilder na matakaw na naman kami! hahaha

Group meal include 1 Medium Chicken Box (12 wings mixed soy garlic and spicy), Chapchae, Fries, Rice and Soda / Ice Tea.

Go team BoChon! Kain-kain din pag may time habang may kinikilig LOL peace.
Sarap ng kwentuhan pag lumalafang he he he.

BonChon Chicken
May Naaalala sya :D BoChon

Chicken Box Meal

BonChon Chicken Box Meal - 12 pcs Wings
Soy Garlic and Spicy Chicken Wings


Linkbuilder na matakaw eat chapchae

Fries Madness Forever :)

Linkbuilder loves Fries forever

Huwebes, Setyembre 5, 2013

Linkbuilder na Matakaw by definition

Some may ask why I named my blog as Linkbuilder na matakaw, hhhmmm because I like it! and it's cool! hahaha :D
Kidding aside, this name reflects my work and my attitude towards anything....

In connection to work, I am a link builder and SEO who is always hungry for new experience and learning.
I know that I'm not good enough, therefore continuous testing, reading and researching could help me to gain more skills and training. If you are not aware of my work nature, I can summarized this for you - I build links, reach and engage for potential audience and help in promoting and boosting site's traffic and rankings on search engine results. Hope this makes sense :) hahaha This is link building.

At the moment, I'm playing and testing on social networks to see how this can affect my blog and on what extent. Some media are:
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Four Square 
Well, don't worry about I'm just having a fun time with these social sites :)

Alright, getting back to our topic, are you familiar with the term 'Matakaw'?
This is a Tagalog/Filipino term that means gluttonous or greedy in English translation. No worries, this meaning may vary on how you used the term.

Well, literally I take it positively. I really love food and eating is always my first love. No doubt! hahaha :) Even while working on my station, I got chips there, cookies here and more snacks to entertain my appetite. I even drop to my workmate's station to grab some food LOL Well, hindi naman ako nagiisa coz isang team naman kaming mahilig kumain - mapamiryenda, lunch or kahit kakastart palang ng office hours :D

Here are some of my favorites:
  • Fruits - grapes, mangoes, water melon, cucumber 
  • Breakfast - hot pandesal at kape - perfect sa umaga to! hahaha 
  • Lunch - sinampalukang manok, sinigang, pininyahang itik 
  • Dinner - hot milk then anything available at home :) usually, di na ako nag-dinner sa house kase yung 'matatakaw' este mababait kong friends ay nag-aaya laging kumain sa Cubao bago umuwi hahahaha Name yourself guys! :D Peace

Grapes on my station :)

Stomach full at TGIF Market! Market! - Matakaw talaga ako :)

Our team building was a total fun! And as usual, this Linkbuilder na Matakaw got stomach full with TGIF's heavy meal. I mean it! 'Heavy' talaga as in after namin kumain halos di na ako makagalaw :) hahahaha

TGI Fridays Menu at Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City,  Philippines :)
Geez, these are all good!

  • Jack Daniels Chicken
  • Jack Daniels Ribs & Shrimp
  • Jack Daniels Salmon
  • Crispy Chicken Fingers

Katakawan sa Chicken - TGIF
Jack Daniels Chicken

Linkbuilder na matakaw eat Jack Daniels salmon
Jack Daniels Salmon

chicken fingers TGIF
Crispy Chicken Fingers

TGIF jack daniel ribs & shrimp
Jack Daniels Ribs & Shrimp

Miyerkules, Setyembre 4, 2013

Linkbuilder na Matakaw goes to Pizza Hut

After work, the usual question is "saan tayo kakain?" hahaha  This is our bonding time while riding our way to Cubao and for today, the linkbuilder na matakaw goes to Pizza Hut! yey!

Our meal: Caesar Salad, Carbonara and ice cream top with sweets! :D

linkbuilder na matakaw pizza hut ice cream
Ice cream top with sweets and cherry
No empty stomach allowed. Pag pagod, masarap talaga kumain.
At pagkatapos ng matinding katakawan ang next stop ay ANTOK mode hahaha. Ang sarap matulog pag busog, agree?? LOL    zZzZzzzzzzzzzz......